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SSB : How to Qualify Screening Round????

For most of the aspirants screening round is the toughest phase of selection.. Wondering why? because of high level of competition  and only few gets screened in.

Those candidates who are actually little bit shy , those who are not in a habit of speaking with assertiveness and those who get afraid because of the environment , generally come out with negative results .

Problem in Screening round -

  •  If you think that your general mental ability paper is not an area of concern than you are wrong , that written exam which you gave before PPDT is equally important so give that exam seriously. Time given is generally very less. 
  • Now what happens when question paper is distributed , either you go for "akkad , bakkad, bombay , bo" /Tukka marna/ Guessings/ and thinking that you have got a very strong luck so your answers will be accurate but this procedure will lead you back to the railway station just after your screening round.
  • Solve all those question which you can , if time is less than leave rest of the question but do not go for guessing. If there are 40 questions than you must solve above 25. What does screening round tells us. [Condition 1 - If you have ticked all the 40 questions and corrected 29 and rest 11 are wrong .           Condition 2 - If you have ticked 27 in 40 questions and in which 25 are right and 2 are wrong]           
  • In condition 1, 29 questions are right and in condition 2 , 25 questions  are right , but when you see the precision level than its more in condition 2 and that's what is required. Do not try to tick all the answers but do try to tick only correct answers. " To be more precise is better and required ".
  • You have come across few candidates who in the screening around ask the invigilator.. " Sir negative marking bhi hai kya " .. If you are giving SSB for Air force and Navy then they will give you very stern look and but if you are giving SSB for Army , specially in Allahabad than they will answers your this question with very "nice, sweet , and  noble words...shuddhhh hindi mein ( in pure hindi ) " after that you will not ask anything even with your negihbour. hahahahaha...
Generally you and your neighbour will get different sets of question paper but in my SSB , me and my neighbour both got the same paper because of huge number of candidates and the officer itself announced it , more than 400 candidates reported . even there was not proper place to sit , but they managed any how . Before distribution of question papers , My neighbour (He) started conversation with me.

He - First SSB???

Me - Yes..

He - Nervous?

me - Not yet..

He - This is my 8th SSB..

Me - Ok.

He - Got 6 time Screen Out and 1 time conference Out..

Me - Ohhh.. All the best for this time.. ( Actually he was expecting some respect for seniority...)

He - Kuch Padh ke aaya hai???

Me - Haan , Thodha bahut...

He - We both are getting same question paper's,, hai na?

Me - Yes.

He - to sun ,,, tu aage se solve kerna aur mein piche se solve karunga ..ok and in last we will share our         answers.. what you say?

Me - I will not do that , if you want to see my answers you can but i will not show you.. (  i was thinking inside that if me and this guy got screened in than my 5 days will be hell )

He - Typical fresher... 

( He was screened out again and , i was screened in.. after that he come's to me and said " chhoteee  tune answers nhn dikhaye na , chal all the best ")

" Every one who go for SSB , specially freshers go with full on preparation.  New white sports shoes , White new T-shirts , white socks , White shorts for GTO task.. During GTO they look so bright  ,it looks like they are Brand Ambassador for TIDE Company. A complete set of formals for Interview. But if  you get screened out it feel's so bad , At least 5 days we should spent , all such preparation gone in vain.
I never had that feeling because i never got screened out and i always used to pray " bhagwannn screen out mat karana yaar "...

PPDT - Write a good story , a little differenet from the same ghissiii pittiiii arihant's story. Write in a little different manner , with different subjects. (Very soon i will write on this topic that how to write a story )

Group Discussion - This phase will decide whether you are in or out.

Before going in the room you get little bit nervous , you started preparing your mind that in that room people are going to fight and dominate so i will also do the same and i have to get selected , i will speak and in between i will also say that " Gentlemen i agree with chest number xyz " bla bla bla..... "Completely useless "

I want to tell a difference between DOMINATION and ASSERTIVENESS..

DOMINATION - What we see in news channel when two or three politician's of different parties start discussing. They all are dumb and idiots , 10th fail , but they try to show that we are the best by raising their voice and speaking aggressively. 

ASSERTIVENESS - When you put your points forward with full confidence and belief , having  a good command on your language than it is called assertiveness. In news channel when different experts of constitution discuss on polity. They all have knowledge and  proper sense of discussion.

If some one is putting his point forward with full expression of voice , confidence and belief than we all listen to him. and those who can not do the same start saying that he is dominant. No , he is not , he is just a good orator.

example - If Tushar Kapoor delivers the dialogue's of amitabh bacchan than you could imagine how it feels. 
                ( Rohit Shetty knows this thing very well that why he always keep him dumb in his movie )

My point is you  should speak with assertiveness. Than only Assessors will get attracted towards your narration. and your group will also listen to you. If you take initiative than it's good and if not than also try to speak in between with assertion.

How to speak with assertiveness -

  • You need a good command  on English language. When i say good command it doesn't mean that you start using heavy heavy words , even if u commit few grammatical mistakes than it's OK but you must and must speak fluently. Do not fumble. Practice at your home. Speak in English only. 
  • Few of us join English coaching institute and they start teaching us grammar , join a institute which can teach you how to communicate in efficient way , so that you can express your feeling's and thought's better.
  • Candidates from south - India , and metro cities have generally  good English because of their environment but most of the people from other small places , specially those who think that there communication skill is not good suffer from inferiority complex . 
  • With a good command on English language when you speak with assertiveness , your body language must complement you narration. Speak with seriousness. Like you are going on a war and you are encouraging your troops.
  • Some says that sir my voice is not good , the pitch is very low ( patli awaaz hai ) so no one listen's to me. Remember if your the pitch of your thought's and will power is high than your voice will also support you.
                   Follow this strategy and it will definitely proof helpful to you.

During my first SSB , i went to allahabad in that batch more than 400 candidates reported because of some clerical fault . Absentee batch and freshers batch both reported at the same time. I gave my GD with 50 candidates. You can imagine the scenario. Among 400 only 24 got screened in SSB.

"To every man upon this earth death comes sooner or later. And how can man die better than facing fearful odds, for the ashes of his fathers, and the temples of his Gods."


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  1. if a guy go on speaking till 5 minutes should we have to go on listen him or if we can put our point in between if we do so ASSESORS wil think tht am interupting between his speech.......wat should be done in ths situation

    1. That guy must be very very lucky if he gets a chance to speak for 5 minutes continously, If he is giving some rational point than you should listen to him and than you can lead by putting some extra point in it , that will be called value addition not interruption , But if you just cut his point for sake of speaking than it will be harmful.

  2. Nice article brother..thanx a lot..u r really helping us..!!

  3. Sir if my story is different from that of others..while majority of the group have a similar story....then should I give my points in the discussion or support others adding to their points

    1. Pratik if a group discards any story in the starting it self than do not waste your time to make them agree that you are right. You have to come up with a group story. Immediately start contributing to the group story by giving valuable , rational points.

  4. What kind of story we should write..
    Reactive one or visionary one

    1. It completely depend upon slide ..i am going to write a complete article on this issue very soon.